SMSaMax v.1.2

A few bugs were corrected:

  • Password is now saved
  • Long SMS are now supported
  • Messages can now be edited 

Download SMSaMax v.1.2

    9 Responses to “SMSaMax v.1.2”

    1. Ruben Waterman says:

      Respect ! This is a very handy tool !:D

    2. Ruben Waterman says:

      Respect to this widget, it’s great

    3. Ardjan says:

      This widget looks handy
      But where do the contacts come frome?
      In the widget contact list are only a handfull of contacts but in my address book are a lot more.

    4. admin says:

      The contact are coming from the adress book all numbers that are maked mobile

    5. Jos says:

      Is there any possibility that you’re going to update this widget? Here’s a possible list of improvements:

      – Integrate more SMS providers
      – Restyle the looks, make it more plain and simple. The postcard idea is fun but I think a cleaner interface would be better.
      – Make the widget sent a mutliple SMS by itself, instead of having to press the send button every time
      – A bug that makes the wrong number display (after sending a multiple message for example). After sending a message, the telephone number is still displayed, but when you send a new message, the message is NOT sent to that number. Because of this I’ve sent a message to the wrong person several times already 😉
      – Favorite contacts

      I must say though, I love your widget! Great work! I use it a lot! But if you keep updating, I think this could become a big and popular widget.

    6. Jos says:

      Ok, I improved it myself. It mainly considered a new look. I also corrected the bug I reported: when sending more than 1 SMS, it doesn’t fall back to the first person in the Address Book anymore. If you’re interested, contact me.

    7. admin says:

      Hello and thanks for you intrest on the widget. I must appologies for not replying earlier but I get so much spam that I look at the comments only once in a while.

      Yes, I plan to do many things with this widget. I just need time. I am very interested in you bug fix and I would be very happy to include it in an official 1.2.1 version.

      Best regards


    8. Fabio Ospino says:

      This is a great Widget, but lately I have not been able to use it. It keeps sending the SMS and it gets stuck. I have downloaded the latest version but it does the same in all my Macs (5 of them).
      What do you think I have to do to fix the problem?
      Thank you for your time.

    9. admin says:

      Could you please check the new version (1.3) and tell me if this solves your problem ?

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